Another one bites the dust…

I know I’ve written about this before, but here I go again…

Back up your computer. Back up your photos, your documents and anything else you’d be sad, frustrated or irritated to lose if your computers hard drive fails.

I bought my current computer in July of 2013, so it’s not old. Not old at all. I put my client (and personal) images on external hard drives and have a backup of that external hard drive. All JPEG versions of my work are also stored online. So, my computer’s 3TB hard drive wasn’t very full. But it crashed the other day. Just out of the blue, with no warning signs, it crashed. If my stuff wasn’t already backed up, I wouldn’t have had time to back things up. I wouldn’t have a copy of my Lightroom catalog, of my documents or my iPhone photos. But I use Time Machine and back up everything frequently, so all is safe:)But losing a computer for a week is a major INCONVENIENCE.

I got to work about 3 hours this week on photos, which is NOT ENOUGH and very frustrating. I have two weddings, a birth and about 6 sessions that need attention. But, without a working hard drive, I can not use the computer! It’s currently sitting at PeachMac waiting for a new hard drive and I’m sitting at home waiting to recover from a 9 day struggle with a sinus infection.

To all my clients that are waiting to see a preview or a long blog post or just schedule a time to see proofs, I’m sorry about the delay! I will do my best to get things back to normal next week!

kiddos at Ike and Jane’s:)

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Heather, Matthew & Augustus {family} – preview

I wish that I could say that I was super close friends with these cool people, but sadly, I know them only through Facebook and Instagram.  This coming Saturday is their last in Athens and we are going to miss them as they pursue a dream in St. Croix.  To read more about what Heather and Matthew have decided to do, you can read her blog here:

I had an amazing time with during this session and I can’t wait to post more!


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Chairs For Sale!

I swapped these lovely and AMAZING chairs from my friend and client, Jenna, when I decided to have a dedicated work space and office. It’s been a little more than a year since I acquired an office space and I’ve slowly been changing things to reflect my own personal style. I found curtain fabric a few months ago that I just LOVE and these chairs just don’t match. They are also a tad bit too big for my space (mainly because I’m trying to fit a couch, a desk and a large viewing table in the same room!).

I really need to sell these to someone that loves them ASAP! I’m asking $400 for the set. They are in great condition; pretty much like new! Very comfy and easy to love:)



Please let me know if you might be interested!

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Do I Have Your Trust?

As the wedding booking season continues, I have found myself asking my inquiries just how important wedding day photography is to them?  How important are your wedding photos?  Where does photography fall in your ranking of what’s most important?  There are no right or wrong answers for you, but I think it’s important that your answers line up with what is most important to me.   By making sure that our priorities line up, we will ensure that together we create images that I’m proud of and images you will cherish.

This is what I feel is important on a wedding day:

You, my bride and groom.  You guys are my biggest priority.  You guys are my number one.  I want to make sure that you have portraits (beautiful, relaxed, and candid portraits) of you, as you are on your wedding day.  I want to capture the way you love and the people you love. I want to make sure those portraits are captured in beautiful light, but not necessarily at the most obvious location at your venue.



The people you love.  My next priority is the people you love, those that you invited into your wedding party and those that are your family and friends.  I want to make sure you have stunning photos of those people; those that have been with you as you’ve grown up, those that play a very important part in your life today. We make sure we have time to complete family photos in an organized fashion. I also think it’s really important that you have photos of your parents and your siblings and their families.

Your special details.  I know how much time and energy you’ve spent on all the little details, that aren’t really little details.  Somewhere along the lines those details have become life size and uber-important.  I want to make certain that you have photos of flowers, cakes, rings, favors, shoes, dresses, centerpieces, invitations and jewelry.  All of the details are important too and they help to tell your wedding day story.

payne_blog005 copy

The rest of your day is covered with candid photos of the moments that happen all around us.  Given the time, freedom and trust, we are able to quietly observe your wedding day through our lens. Capturing moments that happen quickly and sometimes not around you.

How do I achieve what is most important to me? How can you help me do my best work?  Trust. I need your trust. I need to know that what I do and what is important to me, is important to you, as well. Working together, we can create a wedding day that is special, well documented and is ultimately exactly what you were hoping for.

In a nutshell, I want you to love my work, and love the idea of having a beautiful set of wedding portraits to remember the way you love each other today.


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