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May 13, 2009

LLL Mini Sessions — sneak peek

A couple of weeks ago Jeremy and I attended an La Leche League (LLL) Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference at Unicoi State Park.  I went as a parent and as a vendor.  Mom has been heavily involved with LLL for all of my life, so I’ve attended many, many conferences all over the country, but I’ve never been to one as a parent.  It was sorta cool, being there for real and not just the kid that helps out where needed 🙂  Mom and Caroline went as well, but they had jobs – Mom worked as staff for the conference and Caroline manned a booth for SWP.  We offered FREE mini-sessions to all the participants of the conference.  In the limited amount of time available for something like this, we ended up having 10 sessions!!  I think that is just fabulous! I had a great time meeting new people and I had blast chasing the kids around as I photographed them. I’m going to post a few images from each session a few sessions at a time.  So for the first round of images:

Alexis and Joaquin:

There are lots more to come!  Can’t wait to post more as I finish sessions!

Collin and Greyson:


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