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I hope to be able to share more of Tonette’s story and business plan, but I don’t have all the details yet, so I’ll keep the bit that I know to myself; you’ll just have to keep wondering 🙂 I’m sure Tonette will want me to share all of her good news, so I’ll be […]



Through a friend, I got this cool assignment.  To photograph Clair Muller.  She is running for City Counsel President of Atlanta, and needed some photography for her campaign.  I was really excited about getting the job and learning a few new things (everyone knows I love to learn, right?).  Thursday, we was the second and […]

Clair Muller


These fine ladies have been participating in my current photography class and last night I did a ‘mini’ session with each of them, just for the fun of it, out in the yard at mom’s house, during class. AnsleyAnsley, again. This might be my favorite 🙂ChristinaChristina, again. Definitely my favorite SarahSarah, again. Sarah, I can’t […]

Ansley, Christina and Sarah {just because}

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